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Be it a wedding anniversary, birthday celebration, or housewarming party, every special occasion calls for a scrumptious cake. Thanks to online cake shops in Delhi; ordering fresh cakes is now easier than ever. While cake shops always make it a point to deliver fresh cakes, you should also know how to maintain the freshness of the cake when stored overnight or for a longer period. So, to help, in this post, we tell a few effective ways to keep cake fresh for a longer

No celebration, be it a gettogether, family event, anniversary, or birthday, is complete without a delectable and beautifully decorated cake. If you are planning to throw a party on your kid’s birthday and looking to order a perfect chocolate cake, Droolicious Bakery in Delhi has got you covered. You can find a wide variety of chocolate cakes that are extremely popular among kids as well as grown-ups. To make your search easier, we have listed top five variants of delicious chocolate cakes you can

Cakes are an essential part of almost every occasion, be it a birthday, marriage, anniversary, college reunion, or any other special day. When it comes to anniversary designer cakes, you can choose from a wide range of options in different flavors online at Droolicious. Although the market is flooded with designer cakes, in order to order a truly special one, you need to keep certain things in mind. Continuing the discussion, this blog covers some easy tips to order designer cakes in Delhi or

All’s well that ends well! Desserts may be the last course of a meal, but they play the deciding role in how we feel about our meals. Ask any person with a sweet tooth and they will tell you, they do not need space in their stomach but space in their heart to gorge on a dessert. Desserts not only go well after a meal, but are also the perfect companions of tea and coffee. And what could be better than being able to

Wedding planning can be quite taxing as there are a lot of elements to focus on, any of which can be the cause of a blemish on your big day if left to chance. Everything needs to be just perfect and cake is on the list of such high priority items. Although master bakers such as Droolicious provide premium quality cakes, it is imperative that you discover your favorite flavors, shape, topping, and other elements that bring together your wedding cake. Here are some